Letter to Tom Keener

Mr. Keener:

I had the pleasure of attending the performance of Sons of Eagle Horse on Saturday and felt inspired to applaud you and the City of Allen for recognizing the value in cultural diversity and honoring American Indian Heritage month.

The message presented to the audience was timeless and addressed some of the key elements that Memnosyne Foundation feels are important for today’s youth: honor your elders, honor the earth, honor our Creator. And having a glimpse of Lakota heritage was priceless.

Thank you again for the unique and special event. Judging by the packed house and a stage full of people engaged in learning more from your honored guests, the City of Allen reached the hearts of many people.


Coke Buchanan


Director, Center for Indigenous Cultures

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It was at Gene Autry's 99th birthday party at the South Fork Ranch, near Dallas where I was first introduced to a remarkable Lakota Sioux dance trio, the Sons of Eagle Horse, TaCha, Tatonka and Sunkmanitu. Their father, Dennis is a recognized Holy Man and artist. He is the great great grandson of Gaul, the war chief at the battle of the Little Big Horn. The Sons of Eagle Horse have been schooled in the old ways and spiritual teachings of the Lakota. TaCha is the spokesperson for the group. He speaks eloquently about the spiritual path that he and his family have chosen, recognizing the special connection between humans and all other things, the respect for nature and the love of our mother, the earth. The Sons of Eagle Horse express this philosophy in their dance and in their traditional dress. An extraordinary, transformational experience awaits those of us who are fortunate enough to catch a performance of The Sons of Eagle Horse. I highly recommend it. You'll be glad you did.

Guich Koock