Letter to Tom Keener, City of Allen Public Library

November 22, 2011

My sincere thanks and praise to you Tom Keener and the Allen Library for hosting the Sons of Eagle Horse in a most interesting and stimulating program.

The dancers were magnificently dressed in native costumes and their narratives were most informative in describing the history of their people. They were warm and inclusive in inviting the audience to participate in a communal thanksgiving dance which was a wonderful gift to us all. Not only were the dances meaningful and inspirational, but they were also symbolic of an ancient culture which the White colonist all but destroyed first with diseases and later by killing the natives themselves and by slaughtering the buffalo, the spiritual as well as the physical life support and way of life for these people.

Devastated by these events, they have since also been the victims of abuse and discrimination the likes of which few in the white world have ever imagined. Dennis Eagle Horse, the Son's father's being taken from his family on the reservation to engulf him into the white culture was but one example of a cruel and heartless move by an indifferent and bigoted government wishing to eliminate the traces of the people who once owned the very land we now inhabit.

I pray and hope that we Whites are learning a little compassion for a once proud and powerful people who through all of their hardships have survived and today bring to us a history and a culture which we in the West have mostly forgotten, one which honors nature, the earth and the Creator of it all.

May we never forget the debt we owe to these wonderful people and the rich heritage they have to offer us today of a spirit that beats in the heart of every person on this earth, one which is often silenced by the business and distractions of our lives, but one nevertheless that is essential to purpose and meaning and peace on earth. Every school, library, civic group. museum, and nonprofit organization should have the Sons of Eagle Horse or similar groups to educate and iluminate all Americans.

Thank you again,

Donna Cozort, Ph.D., Jungian Analyst



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