Attired in hand-made regalia, Sons of Eagle Horse light up the Allen Public Library with dance and percussions at 3 p.m. Saturday, November 5. A full-size tipi will adorn the stage while the Eagle Horse brothers provide a living history lesson that opens a window into Lakota culture and spirituality. Upholding traditional heritage through their performances, the Sons of Eagle Horse provide an inspiring and educational experience. Ta'Cha, TaTanka and Sunkmanitu Eagle Horse are members of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe of the Lakota Nation in South Dakota and are dedicated to preserving Lakota traditions.

Their mother Diane Eagle Horse explains that the dancing and percussions honor their ancestors and but also ignite the fire within those who observe. Each of the sons credits his parents for sharing their knowledge of and commitment to preserving their Native spirituality and a belief that no one truly owns the land. Keeping the native traditions alive, especially the dancing, is another motivator for TaTanka. Sunkmanitu adds that he considers it to be a significant honor being asked by the elders to dance.

"Peace is what I want," Ta'Cha declares, "not just for the Native people, but for all people to live peacefully." Ta'Cha emphasizes that when this peace finally comes, "it will be like when a flower dies, and then after the winter, a new one grows back."

The Eagle Horse brothers are the sons of Dennis and Diane Eagle Horse. The great-grandson of Chief Gall who was adopted by Sitting Bull as a younger brother, Dennis is a renowned visual artist whose works are featured in galleries throughout Texas and Santa Fe. His grandfather taught him at an early age that everything he created with his mind and hands should be created for "Tunkasila," the Great Spirit, and shared with other people to teach them to see the beauty around them.

Sons of Eagle Horse have performed at the Old Calvary Museum in San Antonio, Historic Pioneer Museum in Fredericksburg and Frontier Times Museum in Bandera. In 2007, they appeared in the documentary The 8th Fire, One Earth, One Whole Circle, Again.

Sons of Eagle Horse

Posted from the Allen Public Library

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